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The tenth largest German university called the University Duisburg Essen is located in northern Essen. The Zeche Zollverein with the Ruhr Museum is a cultural magnet and internationally known as world heritage.

More centrally located is the Colosseum as it is a venue for musicals and shows next to the big shopping center named Limbecker Platz. Many medium sized yet internationally important enterprises are settled at station M 1 of the industrial park.

In Essen East is the head office of Aldi North. For those who want to live close to work, you will find neighboring residential areas with partly inexpensive furnished apartments or living space in areas with one or two family houses.

Eastern Essen borders with Bochum. In southeast Essen in Kupferdreh is the Kraftwerkschule E.V. (KWS Power Tech Training Center). This is where the most German and foreign energy companies train their employees who live in furnished apartments during their stay. The residential areas are upscale and surrounded by greenery.

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